en:¬†Pink! Well, I think this is our best set so far; it required a lot of effort, but it seems it’s worth it.. ūüėČ I... Read More

Do you like purple?

En: Do you like purple? One thing I’ve learned ( other than some technical tips and tricks ) about doing photography is that you cannot... Read More


en: Foliage Sorry, it’s been a while from my last post… This time I want to show you this new leggings I’m working on; it... Read More

In flames

en:¬†In flames If you follow me on Instagram or facebook maybe you have noticed that I’m drawing a lot of leggings lately. Well, it’s a... Read More

White on purple

en: white on purple, purple on white We really liked this outfit, all white and grey with a touch of purple that really stands out... Read More


en: Something different! While I really like black and greys, sometimes I need a refreshing colour bath, so I decided to go colorful for that... Read More


en: And we are back again to the black! Well, this photoshoot has been done inside, since outside was already too cold to take pictures... Read More


en: Finally something colorful! I had in mind this style I wanted to shoot, the red-haired little chibi top, and we needed something to match it;... Read More


  en:¬†A last shoot in the outside, before that the shortest days of the year are here. We found out this ruined house and we... Read More


en: “There is no rose without thorns”… All black outfit for Romina, with a t-shirt drawn by me and leggings from blackmilk! ¬†A simple, beautiful... Read More


en: This time I will show you something more cheerful than my usual.. You know,I try to not stick to to a specific style, to show... Read More

Red Shoes

en: A little experiment I did.¬†Here I was copying ( ūüėČ ) some beautiful images I found on internet some time ago, but since Antonella... Read More


en: Here we are again! At last we managed to produce some new images and we hope you will like them as we did. As usual, one... Read More

Art nouveau

en: Some time ago I found out this beautiful staircase in the city of Feltre and as soon as I seen it I knew it was... Read More

The Bridge

EN: Well, we have that great wooden bridge in the neighbourhood, why don’t use it as a set for a photoshoot? It’s a very characteristic... Read More

Rockstar inside

Jacket: Spreadshirt – Leggings: Lovelysally EN: Everyone has a rockstar inside,


T-Shirt: Juliett – pskrd or Spreadshirt EN: Inspired by Shaksepeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”:

Being sexy is not a crime

T-Shirt:¬†Being sexy is not a crime ¬†– pskrd¬†or¬†Spreadshirt EN: Okay, let’s go! I promoted my graphic design for a lot of time now with my... Read More