grey days

The day the colors were stolen started as any other day, with the alarms ringing here and there and the people waking up, with someone yelling at the cat that had overturned the milk bowl.

The usual routine, a fast breakfast, wash the face, brush the teeth, search for a clean shirt, not necessarily in this order.

And finally, the sun rose.

At that moment everyone realized that that strange feeling had a reason.

All the colors had been washed away.

I mean, the world was not black and white but all the colors had been muted, like a foggy greyish something.

There was no explanation, all the Wise had never seen that before, and also the Records was not helpful and all the Magicians in the known worlds had no success to reverse the situation.

But not all was grey, something had been spared. Here and there some paintings kept their colors; but very few, and scattered through worlds, displaced in space.

Every one of these frames was able to undo the curse inside itself, and through them was still possible to see the
old colors, so not only the painting but also the world.

And so, while the Wise were trying to understand the phenomenon, these frames were collected.

A lot of stories and legends had been written on that quest, and maybe one day they will be heard again, but it took centuries and lives, and slowly the search became almost useless: after a few generations there was no living being that had seen the real colors and remembered what was missing, so why go on with the search?



Still, they didn’t gave up and finally the curse was explained, and a talisman was created to undo it.
A single key was built to be used on the frames, but sadly it didn’t worked. The scripts engraved on it was not able to activate any of the collected frames but still, there were a few of them on which the key had not been tested, the last discovered, the last hope.
So the key was sent in the middle of nowhere to meet the ship that was carrying the artifacts and the last seeker.

To the last chance.





But the engraved formulas on the key were fading, they had been used too much, so there were only one, maybe two chances, and there were six frames.

The last seeker had the responsibility of the choice.








And in an instant all went colorful again, the grey sucked in in the frame.
The curse was gone, the frames dead, and the key again a simple metal piece.

Great was the wonder of those who never had seen the colors before, and the happiness, because with the colors also the hope, the joy, and the motivation were gone, and now they were back again.

Great honors were awaiting the last seeker on the central planet, but no one met her again because the magic behind the artifacts was too much powerful to hand them over to anyone, so she took that last frame and the key and went away, to get lost with them in space and time.





Model: Ilaria Feltrin

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